My Dad Used a Medical Alert Pendant for Almost a Year

I got my dad a brand new medical alert pendant when he was suffering from a condition where his blood pressure would drop suddenly. He would feel himself passing out, and most of the time could safely get to the floor or sit on the stairs if he was going up or down. He only fell a couple of time, but he got hurt when he did. The doctors told him that they would be able to resolve the issue but it would take time. We wanted him to be safe around the house when mom was working so we got him the medical pendant.

All he does is press a button if he needs help. I told him to press it when he felt the faintness coming on. That way we could check on him. You can have some systems connected to a monitoring center adjust how they respond to an activation of the medical alert system installed at the home of a subscriber. We work from home and could go over and check on him within minutes. We found him outside once in the cold without a coat. He went out to get the garbage cans at the curb, and the rush of cold caused him to pass out. If we had not been alerted, he might have laid out there for an hour or more. Sometimes he is out for several minutes.

That was a difficult time for all of us, especially my dad. However, we all got through it with the help of family and technology. Dad’s situation of suddenly dropping blood pressure is now resolved. He no longer needs the medical alert device, so we now have it installed at his mom’s house. My grandmother is living alone and it gives her a calmness knowing she can press a button to get help at any time.