From Co Q 10 to Fish Oil Health Comes Down to Food, Exercise and Supplements

I take supplements for my health. I learned years ago that soil depletion of minerals along with chemical pesticides and other things were making it so we could not get enough of the nutrients we needed in our diets even if we ate healthily. The food today just is not as nutrient dense as it was when the soils and farming methods were different. Good doctors recommend that even their healthy patients supplement some things. I take a vitamin and I use fish oil. I also take Co Q 10 for its cardiovascular benefits.

Here is what it comes down to. You may be at the mercy of some things genetically. However, you do not have to just go all out and suffer it. You can fight it, minimize it and even negate it in some instances.Nutrition is the main thing that helps us or dooms us with our overall health. If you want to survive into old age with a good heart, good lungs, no cancer, a leaner body, more muscle and more vigor and vitality, you need to eat right and keep moving. You also need to take the right supplements. Not the ones some doctor on TV tells you, and neither do you want to take the ones a guy writing an Internet article tells you. What you need is to see a top doctor who is trained in nutrition science.

Every doctor has an opinion about proper nutrition, but few are are trained in it. Far fewer have advanced nutrition training. Ask your doctor how well trained he or she is in nutrition. Ask to see the diplomas or degrees. You might be surprised to find out that you might know more than the doctor. Supplements and proper diet along with exercise are the way to go. However, you have to do it right if you want to get the most benefit out of it.