Taking Some Time off to Heal

Jennifer Ulmer Vaith | FacebookLast month I went to the oakland chiropractic center, and they told me that I had sprained one of the muscles in my back. It was an awkward sprain and the doctors wanted to know how it happened. I told them that I had been wrestling, and I had an accident in the ring. The doctor took a close look at my face, and they realized that I was a professional wrestler.

I’ve been wrestling over 6 years, and I’ve had very few injuries from it, mostly because the other people I wrestle with have amazing in ring skills. The chiropractor told me that I should stay away from any strenuous activities, for a while, including wrestling. Wrestling was my life, so it was hard to hear that I would have to stop wrestling for a while.

Moving for a Healthy Life Style

Albagnano, the Mirror by Ana Jorda - Available Now | PRLogI live in New England and as much as I love the snow, it has become a problem for me as I like to go out and feel the warm weather while I work out and run. When I go out and run, it is just me and the pavement and I know that I will only have to go to the chiropractor in capitola ca if I feel a little out of balance. There are a lot of people that say that they want to actually have a healthier life style and I agree with that, it can make you feel better and there are also a lot of cancers that can be fought off when you work out and eat well.